Redefining how professional investors assess and invest in private markets.

capaccess enables your company to simplify due diligence and accelerate deal flow with digital investment and reporting processes.


One platform for all of your private market needs.

Unlock the full potential of your private market deal flow with Capaccess. 


Match and streamline private market deal flow with your investment criteria and strategic asset allocation needs. Get support in assessing asset quality through the Capaccess's investment committee.

Placement Agents

Access a growing base of professional investors and perform investor criteria matching with the products you want to sell.


Add a new distribution channel and gain access to a growing base of professional investors or search for acquisition targets, as well as place your co-investment opportunities within the capaccess network.


Raise your next finance round or sell your company with capaccess through being matched to professional investors such as pension funds, family offices or private equity funds.

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Curated Funds
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Pre-Registered Professional Investors
Our Goal

We strive to make private market asset assessments and investment processes more efficient and transparent.

Capaccess is an intuitive private market investment and management platform for professional investors and issuers. It streamlines managing the growing inbound list of opportunities with your investment criteria through to digital investment and reporting processes.

The Capaccess marketplace opens the door to Institutional investors making multiple private market investments and more easily fulfilling their strategic asset allocation needs. Through, matching investment criteria, simplifying the assessment process, accelerating overall deal flow and digitising the signing process, better deals are made available, done quicker and with less effort.  From Private Equity, Private Debt, Infrastructure, Hedge funds to Venture Capital or Renewables and Real Estate, Capaccess boasts a diverse and growing selection of private market investment options. Capaccess offers a gateway for Issuers and Institutional Investors to get connected and close deals.

The Capaccess Software as a Service (SaaS) platform allows Issuers and Corporate Finance departments the ability to manage their own private market and private placement market alongside accessing our general pool of LPs. The white-label feature allows issuers to market and sell their products under their own brand. This customization enhances the funds’ visibility and fosters a sense of ownership and trust among their clients. The platform’s user-friendly interface, advanced analytics and security features, ensures a smooth and secure experience for both issuers and investors. Capaccess will revolutionise the financial landscape by providing a dynamic and innovative solution for issuers and investors to thrive in the competitive and opaque world of private markets. 


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If you want to get access to a platform that encourages better investment decisions in private markets or as an issuer gives you access to pre-qualified professional investors. 

Private Markets Unleashed

In ‘Private Markets Unleashed,’ the host Philipp Hemmersbach interviews leading figures from the private market industry with the goal to acquire intriguing stories and knowledge about alternative asset classes that may seem opaque and challenging to access.

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